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 West Linn Interior Designer



Known as the City of Hills, Trees, and Rivers, the charming community of West Linn, has abundant natural beauty. Ranked among the top 100 small US cities to live in, the affluent suburb of West Linn, with a population of about 26,000 residents, is an ideal community to raise a family. It is just a short drive away from Portland.

Jenni Leasia Interior Design is a leading West Linn residential interior design firm offering clients personalized services for home finishes, remodels, and furnishings. With our signature timeless interiors and clean, uncluttered designs, we create homes that are reflective of our client’s personality and that never go out of style.

With over 20 years of experience, we help our West Linn clients with all phases of a project from design concepts and assembling a construction team, to sourcing furniture and art. We specialize in whole house design, as well as custom kitchens and bathrooms.

Our creative design solutions, meticulous project management, and attention to detail facilitate a stress-free design process for our West Linn clients. 


In addition to West Linn, Jenni Leasia Interior Design serves the entire Portland metropolitan area including Lake Oswego, Sherwood, Oregon City, Beaverton, Vancouver, and Camas.

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