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Council Crest Portland Remodel

Our Portland interior design studio gave this hillside home a modern remodel with clean lines and timeless interiors.


Council Crest Portland Remodel

These clients reached out to us as they were preparing to relocate to the United States after living in France for more than 20 years. They had bought a contemporary house in Portland’s West Hills a few years ago and were planning an ambitious renovation.  


The house is built against a hill in the Council Crest neighborhood and they were adding a story beneath the main floor with two bedrooms, a bath, living room, laundry, and expansive storage. Upstairs they were removing the ceiling above the living room and front entry (and thereby removing two upstairs bedrooms) to create a light open space crossed by a catwalk that links the garage entrance and mezzanine to the top of the stairs and master bedroom. 

 The clients had lived in Jordan, Pakistan, Tunisia, and Switzerland before settling in France. They had a fantastic collection of beautiful rugs, art, and artifacts to display and enjoy. Our aim was to keep the decoration at a minimum and allow the space to work as a warm neutral foundation showcasing objects full of rich memories, collected over many years.

The original architect, Bob Evenson, designed the remodel and they brought us in to design the kitchen, bathrooms, fireplaces, and finishes. We worked closely with them to refine the floor plan and detail every space so that it functions according to their needs. It is just the two of them living in the house full time, but they entertain regularly and have family and friends staying with them several times a year.